7 Best Books About Monster Trucks

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for Bigfoot to come to town. Bigfoot was the most famous monster truck of its time (the early 1980s), and may be the most popular monster truck ever. So if you’re someone like me who’s dying to learn more about their monster trucks, their history, and how they operate, I highly recommend giving these following titles a read.

  1. Monster Trucks
  2. Monster Mega Trucks And Other Four-Wheeled Creatures
  3. Behind the Wheel of a Monster Truck
  4. Elbow Grease
  5. Fly Guy Presents: Monster Trucks
  6. Monster Trucks (Mega Machines)
  7. Monster Truck Superstars

Dive into each one in any order you like. I guarantee you’ll have lots of fun while getting to know what makes these vehicles so unique. You’ll even be able to see a little of what it’s like to sit inside a real monster truck, so without further ado, let’s take a peek at some of the best books about monster trucks.

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1. Monster Trucks

Nick Gordon has written a lot of books. Most of them are about motorcycles, boats, old buildings…and of course, monster trucks. He does plenty of research into the topics he explores, as this particular book will show.

If you’re just starting out in the world of these gigantic and downright fantastic vehicles, Monster Trucks by Nick Gordon is the book to read. The information does not overwhelm, as it is catered to an audience of all experience levels, so don’t go into it thinking you have to have any previous knowledge about the topic. Instead, it provides an elementary look at monster trucks. This includes photos of their huge tires—tires even bigger than the average child—their massive engines that growl like man-eating beasts, and a whole lot of steel grills.

The book also dips its toes into the world of monster truck rallies. Learn how these incredible machines race and drift and crush cars. They can handle tight turns through quadrasteer, which is another word for all-wheel steering.

They ride on nitrogen-charged shocks that provide extra room in their suspension. If you’ve never seen a monster truck rally before, Nick Gordon’s Monster Trucks will prepare you for all the thrills.

I placed this title first on the list because of its introductory nature, not to mention that it’s one of the easiest titles to get your hands on. You’ll have an excellent time reading about these amazing trucks. Just don’t go crushing Matchbox cars when you’re done.

The Monster Trucks (Blastoff Readers. Level 1) by Nick Gordon is available on Amazon.com.

2. Monster Mega Trucks and Other Four-Wheeled Creatures

Now that you’ve gotten to know the world of monster trucks a bit better, author Tim Kane invites you to dig a little deeper into the world of chrome, steel, colossal tires, and squashed cars. Kane has extensive knowledge of what makes monster trucks so fearsome. In this book, he’ll share it with you (along with so many other invaluable pieces of information).

He’s also gotten to know some of today’s top drivers. You’ll be introduced to champions who share their stories of the most amazing races they’ve competed in. They’ll also tell you what it’s like to crush a car. You’ll read all about their thrilling victories, heartbreaking defeats, and horrific crashes.

The book will take you through some breathtaking picture galleries as well—and the truck styles you’ll see there are wild! Kane will show you “The 10 Scariest Monster Trucks”. These include beasts like Jurassic Attack, Dragon’s Breath, Predator, and a modern version of the king of the hill: Bigfoot. (The Bigfoot from my youth was so much smaller—but still awesome).

Interested to know what it’s like to drive a monster truck? Sit down with Darren Migues, driver of the Red Baron, and soak up some info. He talks about the skills needed to use quadrasteer, read multiple gauges, and use protective gear.

In this book, Kane tells us that over 3,000 cars are crushed every year by monster trucks (and yeah, you get lots of cool pictures of it happening). Get to know how it’s done, along with what it feels like to be the crusher. In chapter nine, you’ll join Ted Smak, owner of the truck Dr. Frankenstein, for a few pointers on building a monster truck of your own.

The Monster Mega Trucks: And Other Four-Wheeled Creatures (available on Amazon.com) is perhaps the most comprehensive book ever written about monster trucks.

3. Behind the Wheel of a Monster Truck

Alex Monnig has been all over the world writing about sporting events. This guy really likes to fly. He has even written articles for the Olympics.

In this book, the focus is on what it’s like to drive a real monster truck. Monnig’s goal here is to describe in detail the sounds, the shakes, and the rush of adrenaline from racing huge trucks around a dirt track.

And then there’s the jolts, the bumps, the high, dizzying bounces you feel while crushing a pile of old cars. Man, that’s gotta be fun to do.

Therefore, if you’d like to learn a bit more about the thrill of monster racing and what it’s like to experience it firsthand, this is the title for you.

It’s a book that gives readers just like you the grand tour. However, you’ll never get lost as you read—at least not in a bad way. Everything is laid out in an easy-to-find fashion. And because Alex Monnig has also written about stunt performers, he is happy to describe the wild tricks that a monster truck can do.

Did you know that monster trucks can sometimes jump as high as a three-story building? Or that if they land wrong, their axles can literally break in two, causing their gigantic tires to roll wildly across the track? The skills, the speeds, and the mighty roar of engines are all right here in Behind the Wheel of a Monster Truck.

Pick up a copy of Behind the Wheel of a Monster Truck here on Amazon.com.

4. Elbow Grease

John Cena is a professional wrestler who performs for World Wrestling Entertainment Co. That all by itself is pretty cool. But he is also a children’s book author who has a hit series about Elbow Grease, a blue monster truck with dreams as big as his tires.

Now there are a lot of books about Elbow Grease, and you can collect them all. In this first adventure of his, the focus is on never giving up even when things seem really hard to do. With his band of monster truck friends, Elbow Grease learns that no matter what bad things people say about you, you don’t have to listen. Believing in yourself is all that it takes to succeed.

It’s a sweet story for kids, told through the world of monster truck racing. You’ll also see some incredibly detailed artwork from illustrator Howard McWilliam. Indeed, many readers have already commented on how good McWilliam’s drawings are.

John Cena has four brothers, and as such, there is also a family message in this book. He loves to see kids overcome obstacles to gain success in life. A passion for beating the odds is what drives him to win again and again. As you read through Elbow Grease, you may even feel a connection with the challenges he and his friends fight.

Elbow Grease is aimed at kids aged 3-7. However, everyone can benefit from the wholesome message it conveys. You can pick up the Elbow Grease on Amazon.com.

5. Fly Guy Presents: Monster Trucks

Tedd Arnold has written and illustrated a virtual mountain of books for kids. Some books from his “Fly Guy” series have even won awards. The original Fly Guy was about a boy who owned a pet fly.

In 2019 this rather unusual mascot played host for Fly Guy Presents: Monster Trucks. Here, Fly Guy takes you under the hood of these car-crushing beasts to show readers what makes them tick. You’ll also look at their suspension, tires, and lots of wild paint jobs. Now, what rhymes with tick? Oh yeah! Tricks! You’ll read about them too—or rather, how a monster truck performs them while keeping the driver safe.

Along with Arnold’s drawings you’ll find lots of photographs, most of them showing monster trucks and the people who drive them. You’ll also see pictures of real-life events. I’m talking about racing and, of course, smashing cars to smithereens. The cover even has holographic foil that seems to jump right off the paper!

Like other books in the Fly Guy series, “Monster Trucks” is easy to read. If you’re a parent, your little one can practice his or her skills even when you’re not there to help. You’re sure to be impressed by all the progress and confidence you’ll see.

Get your copy of Fly Guy Presents: Monster Trucks here on Amazon.com.

6. Monster Trucks (Mega Machines)

Ian Graham was born in 1953. He maintains big interests in history, science, and technology. Graham has written over 200 books on all of the aforementioned subjects, making them easier for young readers to understand. At some point, during all of these projects, he even found time to write a few kids’ books about monster trucks.

In Monster Trucks (Mega Machines), Graham presents these colossal car crushers to young readers using his knowledge of automotive engineering. But don’t let that scare you off. Graham keeps things loose and light, never straying from the fact that while these trucks are complex pieces of machinery, they’re also just downright awesome to behold.

This book is chock full of color photographs. You’ll see actual monster trucks performing crazy stunts at one rally after the next. Little cars beware! And not only will you see the trucks, but you’ll also learn a whole lot about them. Each truck has its own little factoid (or two, or three). Screaming engines, mashed cars, and crackling exhausts are all right here to see.

Are you a school teacher? Your students will get a kick out of this book as well. Graham floods the pages with photos and facts that can engage all children, regardless of their interests. The entire class will be right in the palm of your hand—at least until you finish this book. The book works its best magic, though, at bedtime, when your little one is all tucked in and ready for dreamland. Flip through the pages together and bond.

Pick up Monster Trucks (Mega Machines) here on Amazon.com.

7. Monster Truck Superstars

Williman Petty loves to write books about cars and trucks. But not just any ole car or truck. His “I Didn’t Know That” series looks at the special and unusual makes of these vehicles. One book tells us about cars that can swim. Another shows trucks that are big as a whole house!

And then we have Monster Truck Superstars. That title alone makes me want to open the book. Before that even happened, I was smiling; you see, the book is shaped like the massive tire of an actual monster truck. It really draws you in!

To judge a book by its cover is not always wise. In this case, though, my judgment happens to be spot on. Monster Truck Superstars not only has lots of photos of your favorite trucks, but some rather useful information for any fan.

Petty’s focus is on stats. He tells us which trucks are the fastest, which ones have the most enormous tires, which ones have crushed the most cars, and so on. You’ll also learn why roll cages and extra strong seat belts are so important for keeping a monster truck driver safe.

Of course, most of the fun comes from the racing—and the total destruction of old cars. None of these are left out of Petty’s book. To read through it makes you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat, racing against opponents like the Raminator and the Monster Mutt.

Buy your copy of Monster Truck Superstars here on Amazon.com.

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