• Why Are Harry Potter Books So Long?
    Whether you are a keen Harry Potter reader, just beginning the series, or only now having interest, you likely noticed that the books seem pretty long. It is quite true
  • Why Is The Wind in the Willows Considered a Classic?
    Readers and critics don’t often consider children’s books classic literature because the topics they cover aren’t always seen as “serious.” That’s not the case with Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in
  • Why Is Harry Potter So Easy To Read?
    Since its publication in 1997, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series has captivated readers worldwide with its magical adventures and endearing characters. But what makes it so easy to read? Is
  • How Did J.K. Rowling Write the Harry Potter Series?
    We all know J.K. Rowling, who’s an inspiration to many of us muggles worldwide because of her success with the Harry Potter series. But what’s even more inspiring is her
  • How Many Poems Did Lewis Carroll Write?
    Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) is best known for his famous Alice in Wonderland books. However, he also wrote plenty of poetry in his lifetime. Lewis Carroll wrote
  • Do Harry Potter Books Have to Be Read in Order?
    A common question many Harry Potter fans get asked is: do I need to read the series in order? It’s a valid question because many book series don’t tell the
  • 5 Reasons Why the Lord of the Rings Books Are So Good
    First published in 1954, The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is a trilogy written by J.R.R Tolkien and serves as a sequel to The Hobbit. The books received critical acclaim
  • Are Harry Potter Books Hard To Read?
    The Harry Potter books decorate personal libraries for millions of people worldwide. Some start reading them when they’re young, while others stumble upon the books through movies or as a
  • 6 Reasons Why Roald Dahl Was So Successful
    The 20th century remembers many writers, but none like Roald Dahl. He left a memorable impression on adults as much as on children through his writing. Have you ever wondered
  • What Age Group Should Read The Wind in the Willows?
    The Wind in the Willows is one of the best children’s books of the 20th century. Kids and adults enjoy the lyrical prose and adventures of Mr. Toad, Water Rat,
  • What C.S. Lewis Book Should You Read First?
    British writer C.S. Lewis wrote over 30 books in his lifetime and has sold more than a million copies globally. If you’ve never read any of his books, you might
  • 6 Reasons Why Dr. Seuss Is Such a Popular Author
    Dr. Seuss is a leading author of children’s books and one of the most popular writers in the world. He’s written more than 60 books for kids and has sold
  • Are the Lord of the Rings Books Good for Children?
    J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy has been a beloved fantasy classic for decades, captivating readers with its beautiful prose, thrilling adventure, and timeless themes of courage and friendship.
  • Did J.K. Rowling Get Inspiration From Labyrinth?
    Many people who’ve read Harry Potter books and watched the movie Labyrinth can’t help but notice some similarities between the two. Both worlds depicted in the books and the movie
  • 5 Reasons Why Beatrix Potter Was So Successful
    Little is known about Beatrix Potter, one of the most prolific writers of children’s books. The author of The Tale of Peter Rabbitwas more than just an author, as various
  • How Long Did It Take Roald Dahl To Write a Book?
    Roald Dahl is one of the world’s best-known children’s book writers. With titles such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and The BFG, he is well-known and adored by
  • This Is How J.K. Rowling Came Up With Spell Names
    Spells from Harry Potter books are familiar all around the globe. Who doesn’t know spells like “Expecto Patronum” or “Avada Kedavra?” However, many often don’t know that all these spells
  • Why Do Harry Potter Books Have Different Covers?
    Harry Potter book covers have undergone multiple design changes over the years. New editions of Harry Potter come out every few years, and, yes, each comes with new cover art.
  • This Is How Dr. Seuss Became So Famous
    Dr. Seuss is a beloved author who wrote and illustrated more than 60 books in his lifetime. These were, and still are, charming reads that captivate both children and the
  • Are Lewis Carroll Works Now in the Public Domain?
    When something makes its way into the public domain, anyone can read it, share it, watch it, or perform it without obtaining permission. That’s excellent news for Wonderland lovers, as
  • Are Beatrix Potter’s Characters Copyrighted?
    When it comes to beloved children’s stories, few can compete with the charm of Beatrix Potter’s stories, which feature classic characters like Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, and Squirrel Nutkin. The
  • How Did J.K. Rowling Learn To Write?
    Harry Potterbooks have catapulted J. K. Rowling into stardom like no other writer. Rowling’s created some of the most memorable characters and magic spells, but we don’t often think about
  • 6 Things That Make Dr. Seuss Books So Good
    What parent doesn’t have a Dr. Seuss book on their shelf? Dr. Seuss’s books are one of the first books millions of children read as their first books ever, and
  • 8 Reasons Why the Grinch Became So Famous
    The Grinch, a villainous green beast created by Dr. Seuss, is the protagonist of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, a children’s book published in 1957. He’s still popular today. But
  • 17 Most Famous Lines From Charlotte’s Web
    Charlotte’s Web is one of the most popular children’s books. It’s also lived by kids’ writers like Kate DiCamillo, who also wrote a foreword for a later edition. It’s filled
  • How To Tell if a Dr. Seuss Book Is a First Edition
    Theodor Seuss Geisel, more well-known by his pen name Dr. Seuss, is one of the most prolific and popular children’s book writers of all time. He wrote and illustrated dozens
  • How To Tell if a Beatrix Potter Book Is a First Edition
    Beatrix Potter’s books are unique children’s books with their small size, pages filled with only a few lines of text, and — most notably — the illustrations. What’s more, the
  • How Many Languages Did C.S. Lewis Know?
    Who doesn’t know C.S. Lewis, the author of the beloved Chronicles of Narnia series? Have you ever wondered how accomplished he was academically? Have you ever questioned how many languages
  • This Is Where Dr. Seuss Got His Inspiration
    Dr. Seuss’s books are entertaining and loveable and include classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Green Eggs and Ham, and his first bestseller, The Cat in the Hat. But
  • Why Did Kate DiCamillo Write Because of Winn Dixie?
    Because of Winn Dixie, popular children’s fiction writer Kate DiCamillo’s first novel, is a story about a young girl who feels abandoned by her mother and becomes friends with a
  • Is the Anne of Green Gables Series Public Domain?
    Anne of Green Gables is a popular children’s book series authored by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The first book was published in 1908, and the final in 1936. So does that
  • Why Did Lewis Carroll Use Nonsense Language?
    Lewis Carroll wrote fewer books than prolific children’s authors like Dr. Seuss and C.S. Lewis. However, the handful of books he did write were enough to cement him as a
  • Are Dr. Seuss Books Good For Toddlers?
    Dr. Seuss is a favorite author who has written many fun books that have been sold internationally. His books offer simple plotlines with colorful solutions, all in rhyme and illustrated
  • 9 Things That Kate DiCamillo Enjoys Doing
    American children’s fiction author Kate DiCamillo has published more than 25 novels and has sold millions of copies of her booksworldwide. It’s easy to understand why parents and children love
  • Why Did C.S. Lewis Write the First Narnia Book?
    The first Narnia book has been a memorable part of many childhoods. Who doesn’t remember checking their closet to check for an entrance to a fairy tale world after reading
  • Does Green Eggs and Ham Have a Deeper Meaning?
    Dr. Seuss made himself a household name by making simple yet bizarre stories for children and adults. One of his most famous works is “Green Eggs and Ham,” whose deeper
  • What Is Kate Dicamillo’s Favorite Book She Wrote?
    Kate DiCamillo is one of the most celebrated children’s writers. Her characters range from brave kids to animals and even toys. However, does Kate DiCamillo have a favorite book she
  • What Order Should You Read C. S. Lewis Signature Classics?
    C. S. Lewis was a British writer, academic, and lay theologian who is most well-known for his series of children’s fantasy novels, The Chronicles of Narnia. However, Lewis’ bibliography comprises
  • Are Roald Dahl Books Suitable for Kids 7 and Under?
    When kids start reading their first stories and books, parents usually jump to a Roald Dahl book first. Although Dahl’s fictional world’s filled with memorable characters, there are also more
  • Do You Have To Read Judy Blume Books in Order?
    Judy Blume is one of the most prolific and popular authors. She has written everything from picture books to adolescent novels. For his reason, many readers have difficulty deciding where
  • 8 Reasons Why the Percy Jackson Books Are So Good
    The “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” serieshas sold over 180 million copies worldwide, topping the New York Times best-seller list more times than you can count on your fingers. You
  • How Did Eric Carle Illustrate His Books?
    Eric Carle isn’t only famous for his children’s books but for the specific kind of illustrations in those books. Moreover, Carle himself illustrated his books, like The Hungry Caterpillar. But
  • Here’s What Inspires Kate Dicamillo To Write
    Kate DiCamillo’s characters and wonderful plots inspire us all—young and old—not to be afraid to dream. Yet, what inspires these great writers, including DiCamillo, to produce books of such caliber?
  • 5 Ways That Roald Dahl Changed Literature
    There aren’t many writers who impacted 20th-century literature as Roald Dahl, and even now, many years after he died, Dahl is still popular and an inspiration for many kids’ books
  • Does J.K. Rowling Own the Harry Potter Movies?
    The story of the boy who lived holds a special place in the hearts of millions across the world. While Rowling wrote the beloved original books, many know her wizarding
  • Did J.K. Rowling Get Inspiration From Tolkien?
    The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series are both highly popular series that have shaped the literary journey of many young people. However, If you’ve read both
  • 6 Reasons Why Roald Dahl Books Are So Good
    Roald Dahl’s graced us with some of the most memorable characters from his books for children. From Charlie to Matilda, they all come with great lessons every child (and adult)
  • Why Does Roald Dahl Use Such Short Sentences?
    Roald Dahl is famous for writing silly phrases but also short sentences in his stories. For some, short sentences are a sign of weak writing skills—but that isn’t true of
  • 9 Reasons Why Alice in Wonderland is So Popular
    Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, colloquially called Alice in Wonderland, is one of the most beloved books in the world. It’s been translated into hundreds of languages, including non-languages
  • Is C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll the Same Person?
    The Chronicles of Narnia and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are some of the world’s most iconic children’s books. The books’ fantastical, magical settings and their authors’ similar names are enough
  • Why Do People Hate Ayn Rand?
    Ayn Rand is one of the best-selling authors of all time – but she’s also one of the most criticized. In fact, while dislike of many other famous authors like
  • Are Books Considered Media?
    Books are part and parcel of our lives. They inspire, inform, persuade and entertain us. They give us answers to questions about every aspect of life. Is this enough to
  • When Was Manga Created? (History & Genres)
    It is relatively common to think that Manga is originating from Japan, but actually there is something more to the origin of Manga. Before you decide to read any Manga series,
  • Is the Matrix Based on a Book?
    The Matrix was a groundbreaking film from two relatively unknown directors that revolutionized sci-fi action films. The film was extraordinary, combining visual spectacle with deep philosophical concepts and thought-provoking ideas.
  • What Do You Call the Back of a Book?
    While we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, who actually doesn’t read the cover contents before buying one? In a world that’s growing more competitive daily, book authors no
  • What Font Size Is Used in Books?
    We can all agree that writing a book is a blood-draining process. It’s even more challenging to format it attractively because, unlike writing, formatting isn’t a natural skill. As a
  • What Is the Point of Reading Books?
    Even if you consider yourself a bookworm, sometimes it can be difficult to motivate yourself to pick up a book and start reading. You may feel guilty about not spending
  • Is AbeBooks Reliable?
    If you’re looking for a long-lost childhood book that you can’t seem to find anywhere, you’ll probably be able to get it on AbeBooks. The online bookstore is a platform
  • Is Star Wars Based on a Book?
    You might have heard of the hundreds of Star Wars books out there. While most of these books serve as additional reading material for fans wanting to know more about
  • Light Novel vs. Manga: What’s the Difference?
    Parts of Japanese culture continue to grow in popularity in the Western world, especially Japanese storytelling. Anime adaptations of light novels and manga are popular shows on streaming services, and
  • How Long Does It Take to Write a Novel?
    Once you’ve found a compelling idea that you can’t wait to make into a novel, it’s normal to want to have a timeframe to complete it. So how long should
  • How Many Books Has John Green Written?
    John Green is much more than a successful New York Times best-selling author of young adult fiction. He creates video content for his “Brotherhood’ vlog and an educational channel on
  • Is The 100 Based on a Book?
    The CW series titled The 100 was a fan favorite, despite its dark and depressive undertones. Every time it seemed like we’d experience some joy watching the show, a beloved
  • Is the Hunger Games Book or Movie Better?
    Ah… The age-old question of which is better: the book or the movie. Unfortunately, it’s one of those questions we’ll probably never agree on, as people have very compelling arguments
  • Why Don’t Books Have Ratings Like Movies?
    When deciding whether or not to let your child watch a movie, it’s easy to look online or call the theater to get the MPA rating and know whether it’s
  • What Order Should I Read the Robert Greene Books?
    Robert Greene is one of the most prolific writers in the self-help genre. If you are eager to improve yourself, be it how you handle relationships, do business, decide on
  • What Order Should I Read the Hannibal Books?
    Thanks to Anthony Hopkins’ brilliant acting abilities, practically everyone knows the story of ‘Hannibal the Cannibal,’ even if they’ve never read the books or watched the movies. If you think
  • What’s the Longest Stephen King Book?
    Anyone who has picked up a Stephen King book knows they can get long. After all, it’s not unusual to find a King paperback over 500 or 600 pages; some
  • How Many Star Wars Books Are There?
    The first Star Wars publication came out in 1976, almost a year before the first movie. Since then, different writers have written books and novels as prequels, sequels, and spinoffs.
  • Is Stranger Things Based on a Book?
    Today, plenty of the top-ranking shows on Netflix, Hulu, and regular cable TV are based on popular books or graphic novels. For example, Lucifer was originally a DC character from
  • How Many Books Did Mark Twain Write?
    Few authors had a more significant role in shaping the uniquely American literary voice than Mark Twain. Born in Missouri in 1835, the man formerly known as Samuel Clemens witnessed
  • How Many I Survived Books Are There?
    I Survived is a New York Times Best-Selling series that is extremely popular among younger readers. This middle-grade series is designed to provide young readers with an insight into different
  • How Many Tokyo Ghoul Books Are There?
    Tokyo Ghoul is a manga series that is extremely popular among readers, and it was written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. It has spawned an anime, two live-action films, a
  • How Many Books Can I Read in a Lifetime?
    So many books, so little time! Between self-publishing and an increase in small presses, the number and variety of books available are greater than ever before. Voracious readers want to
  • How Many Pages Are in The Great Gatsby?
    The Great Gatsby is one of those ‘great classic’ books most teachers force high school students to read in English class. Because of that, people often lump it in with
  • How Many Books Did Tolkien Write in Total?
    J.R.R. Tolkien is most well-known for his Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit. However, he wrote many other books and published several stories and translations of older works.
  • 7 Reasons Why Reading Isn’t a Waste of Time
    Reading is a fundamental skill and is an essential foundation for many other skills. Without the ability to read, we would struggle with learning different subjects, be unable to communicate
  • How Many Halo Books Are There?
    The Halo franchise is best-known for its first-person shooter video games. However, tie-ins are also available in other media, including comics, web series, animated series, and a television series airing
  • Dune: Is the Book or Movie Better?
    Every time a book is adapted as a movie or a television show, one of the first things people will argue about is how well the adaptation performs compared to
  • How Many Books Has James Patterson Written?
    James Patterson is one of the most prolific living writers. Since he began crafting his staggering body of work in 1976, Patterson has barely stopped writing to eat or drink.
  • 5 Best Websites To Read Light Novels
    Reading is a fundamental skill that, if encouraged early on, can lead to your child becoming a lifelong reader. But in a society where children are becoming addicted to technology,
  • How Many Books Did Hemingway Write?
    Earnest Hemingway, one of America’s most celebrated fiction writers, wrote with a distinct and inimitable voice. Papa Hemingway remains a strong presence in literature for his sparse, direct style, unique
  • How Many Books Has Jeff Kinney Written?
    Jeff Kinney is most famously known for his series The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which has encouraged kids to read for over a decade now. The first book was
  • How Many Books Has John Steinbeck Written?
    John Steinbeck is a world-renowned writer who wrote novels, plays, essays, and short stories during his lifetime. His most famous books are Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of
  • How Long Does It Take To Read Homestuck?
    Homestuck is among the most popular webcomics on the internet today. It has a devoted fan base and, since becoming an internet sensation, has been published in traditional format by
  • How Many Books Did Helen Keller Write in Total?
    Helen Keller was an author, activist, and educator whose writings and advocacy have lasting effects worldwide. She was deaf and blind but learned to communicate using touch, sign language, and
  • How Many Books Can You Read at Once?
    When you love books and literature, picking just one thing to read at a time can be challenging. It can be tempting to start two, three, four books – maybe
  • How Many Books Did Harper Lee Write?
    Harper Lee is one of Alabama’s most famous authors, and her first novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, is read and enjoyed by people worldwide. Over 40 million copies have been
  • Are the Twilight Books Better Than the Movies?
    The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is one of the most successful book series of all time. The first four books in the series sold more than 160 million copies
  • How Many Books Did Agatha Christie Write in Total?
    Agatha Christie published “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” in 1920, launching one of the most celebrated literary careers of all time. Christie’s books are translated into over 100 languages and
  • Harry Potter: Are the Books or Movies Better?
    Usually, whenever someone asks, “Was the book or movie better?” I tend to answer that both were great in their own ways. After all, movies can have things that are
  • How Long Did It Take To Write the Harry Potter Books?
    Harry Potter is the most popular book series of all time – or, at least, the best-selling series of all time. Written by J.K. Rowling, it has taken the world
  • Can You Read a Book in a Day?
    A recent poll found that 81% of their respondents wished they read more books. With the goal of reading more books, some might try to read an entire book in
  • Are Books Considered Art?
    As an avid reader, you already know how important books are. They give you hours of entertainment, help you explore new worlds without leaving home, and serve as an essential
  • How Long Does It Take To Read To Kill a Mockingbird?
    Compassionate, sensational, and thought-provoking, To Kill a Mockingbird remains a classic of American literature since it was first published in 1960. Though the novel takes place in the 1930s, its
  • Are Books Entertainment?
    Entertainment is an essential part of life, as it makes the experience of living more exciting and varied. Doing an entertaining activity can refresh your mind, make you happy, and
  • What Is the Longest Harry Potter Book?
    Harry Potter is the best-selling book series of all time, so it’s no surprise that the books were also made into blockbuster films. But if you’re interested in reading the
  • 9 Best Kids’ Books About Candy
    Children love confections, whether it’s candy, chocolate, ice cream, or something else. If your kids are also obsessed with them, there is a good chance they’ll like these books that
  • What Is the Scariest and Least Scariest Harry Potter Book?
    Ask any Harry Potter fan this question, and the answer is rarely the same. Even readers who agree on which book is scariest may disagree on why. These books are
  • 7 Best Books About Monster Trucks
    When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait for Bigfoot to come to town. Bigfoot was the most famous monster truck of its time (the early 1980s), and may be Protection Status