Does Reading Fanfiction Count as Reading?

Fanfiction is a novel or a book that is a new work of fiction that uses the character or takes place in the setting of the original work of an author. Fans and not the original creator usually write these. You will mostly find these types of stories online. However, it has been one of the most debated subjects in the world of books, whether it is good for readers and writers alike.

Fanfiction does count as reading. Even though it is a work of a fan gushing on the original work of an author, you can still count this as reading. As long as you enjoy reading the book, fanfiction or not, it shouldn’t matter if it counts.

Fanfiction is only a small part of the different genres of the books that you can read, but it does count as reading. This article will talk about reading fanfiction counts as reading, the pros, and cons of reading fanfiction, and you should read fanfiction to learn how to read well.

Does Reading Fanfiction Count as Reading?

Reading fanfiction does count as reading. However, there are other people that don’t count it as reading because there is nothing really concrete that you can learn from reading fanfiction, unlike reading from an autobiography or any other educational books out there. Fanfiction has influenced the world of mainstream fiction and has changed the approach of storytelling.

Now, as I have mentioned above, fanfiction is the new work of fiction where a person will use the character or setting of an original work, which are usually written by fans, and not the original creator. This is a new story by a reader who further explores the lives of each character they know and love. Some people may have misunderstood it as an unimaginative knockoff of an original story told by fangirls and boys who are obsessed with creating their own.

One of the known examples is the BDSM fantasies that star Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Most of the time, it’s failed writers living out their fictional dreams online. This is where the grammar and the spelling don’t usually matter. It is another side of the literary world where everyone and every story is welcome.

Having said this, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t count as reading. You are still reading a story that a person has made. Now, if you are a person that enjoys reading fanfiction stories, then don’t be guilty whether you are reading a true story or not. I, myself, also enjoy reading fanfiction because I love how it takes me to different places in my imagination.

In a way, it also helps me continue and enjoy a particular story that I loved. This is especially when I feel like I didn’t get enough of the story that I have read.

Pros of Reading Fanfiction

There are a couple of pros to reading fanfiction, and the first one is you can find your favorite character in a whole different universe. You have to admit, at least once, you have dreamt of being transported to a new universe that only exists in fiction. With fanfiction, you can experience your favorite characters going to different places.

Another pro is crossovers! There are times when two or more fandoms love each other so much that they have a pleasant moment together, and a crossover has formed from their union. How exciting reading can be when you have two of your favorite character crossover in another story.

Next, you can read about any of your favorite pairs. Whichever character pairing you like, whether they are the main or supporting character, but more chances will be they are a couple. There are a lot of fanfiction stories out there that you can find different characters placed together in the story. For instance, just like the Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy story, I have enjoyed it so much because I love the Harry Potter book series.

You can also read stories that people call fix-it stories. When your favorite character dies or gets abducted by some kind of alien or whatever, you will want to change that said character’s fate. Well, there are tons of fanfiction stories that include a different story for your favorite character. However, if you are the only one that cares for that particular character, there might be less chance that you will find a new story for them.

Lastly, whether it is a novel, poem, or fanfiction piece, it is still reading. When you read fanfiction, you will get all the same benefits of reading other types of books. As long as you are enjoying whatever it is that you are reading, continue doing so. It doesn’t give you the right to apologize for what you are reading. Enjoy whatever books you like because life is too short for that.

Cons of Reading Fanfiction

Of course, there are always two sides to a coin. When there are pros in reading fanfiction, there are also some cons to it. If you have a child that is a fan of reading fanfiction, you need to look out for the ones that talk about intimate relationship, love, and romance. This is a big part of the fanfiction world.

Fanfiction is an excellent way to showcase and opportunity for readers who want to see themselves represented in the stories they read. However, fanfiction stories have a reputation for being dirty, smutty writing, and have plenty of Golden Trio stories. Some examples of the Golden Trio stories are Destiny Reversed, where Neville had the potential to be the Chosen One instead of Harry.

As I’ve mentioned above, if your character is not as famous or not a crowd’s favorite, you can’t find any Fanfiction story about them. Unless you like writing yourself and create the story of your favorite character.

Now, there is also another disadvantage, not to the reader, but to the writer. Fanfiction has too much freedom because it is free for all kinds of situations. When a writer stretches a character beyond recognition, there is no point in writing it as a fanfiction. This is because you are creating a whole new story, making it your own and not fitting in the fanfiction category.

There are a lot of bad stories out there since practically anyone can create a fanfiction story. When you expect a certain quality level, you can’t do this with fanfiction stories. There are some people who love reading stories that aren’t written very well. Some are patient, and it helps them become a better editor.

Even though fanfiction has its disadvantage, it will still provide you the enjoyment that you can feel in reading a book, especially when it includes your favorite characters given a different kind of light.

Should You Read Fanfiction in Order to Learn to Read Well?

The learning doesn’t go towards the reading, but the writing. What I mean is when a person is reading fanfiction, they are more likely to improve their writing skills. In order for you to get the best out of fanfiction reading, you should know how to read critically. When you want to get better as a writer, you need to read more. Study the way others right, and learn from their success.

Reading fanfiction is perfect for those who are wishing to become a writer themselves. If you look at it from another perspective, you can read well when it comes to reading fanfiction stories. Again, as I’ve mentioned above, there are some fanfiction stories out there that are not grammar and spelling sensitive. You will find some stories that have a lot of grammar errors and spelling errors.

You need to watch out for those stories when you are reading, or better yet, stay away from them if you are or your child is still learning to read. Also, fanfiction stories are not great for young audiences. Most readers that are learning to read well are in the young age bracket.

In this case, you need to provide another type of book genre to your child, such as fiction. Also, as I have mentioned, it can make a person become a better editor. Determining certain mistakes in the story is already a sign that you are a good reader. Most fanfiction stories have unrealistic word choices and rushed plots.

If you are one of the people that love reading fanfiction, don’t discredit it because you can still count it as reading. Not only will you enjoy reading the stories, but you will also learn how to be a good reader. However, if you or your child is just a beginner reader, don’t start with these types of stories. Too many grammar and spelling errors can be bad for the learning process.

Fanfiction may not be ideal to some, but it still counts as reading. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because as long as you are enjoying a story, no one can take that away from you.

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