How Many Books Can You Read in a Day?

Have you ever picked a book and wondered just how long it will take you to complete reading its contents? Have you been on a reading schedule and wondered how many books you can read in a day? If you have, then here are some answers.

You can read as many books as you can in a day. However, that depends on the type, size and genre of book you are reading. For instance, if you are reading short story books of twenty pages each, you can complete three of them in a day!

The number of books you can read also depends on your reading speed. The faster you are when reading, the more pages you can cover in an hour. Also, the more you read in an hour, the more you can cover in a day. You also consider other external factors that could affect how fast you can read.

This article answers all you should know about reading, especially the number of pages you can read in a day.

Factors That Affect How Many Books You Can Read in A Day

On an average scale, an adult should read 40-50 pages in an hour.

This means that the adult could read 120 to 150 pages in three hours. The longer the person spends on the text, the more the person can cover. As simple as this might seem, the number of pages you can read depends on several factors.

The Book’s Complexity

When reading texts that you have read before, you notice an increase in your reading pace. This is because you are familiar with the text and the words come easy to you. Sometimes, you might even determine what the next word will be.

The same does not apply to unfamiliar text. When a book contains complex words, you take a longer time to read because your brain tries to comprehend each word it sees.

For instance, I am a fast reader when reading fiction books. But, when I pick up an educational book, my speed vanishes. If I can read thirty pages of a fictional book in an hour, I may cover only ten pages of an educational word in the same time frame.

The Writing Style

A book with a small font has more words on a page than a book with larger fonts. Inadvertently, you read a book with larger fonts faster than those with smaller fonts. The typeface of the work also plays a significant role in how fast you can read a book.

Fonts like High Tower texts, and Georgia are more sophisticated but could be a little harder to read than Calibri text, which is more plain. Why? As beautiful as these texts look, some of their letters come in a different style from what you’re used to, causing you to read a little slower than usual.

Your Interest in the Book

Interest in the content of a book determines how fast you’re going to finish the text. If you’re interested in a book’s content, you spend more time reading because of your eagerness to complete the text. On the other hand, lack of interest in a book’s content prompts you to read slower.

The Language of the Book

When choosing to read a book, the language should be one of the major factors to look out for. If you understand English better, go for books written in English if you plan to read faster. However, this doesn’t apply when you’re learning a foreign language.

If a book is in a language that you do not fully understand, your reading speed will be slow as you will have more unfamiliar words in the text. Sometimes, a book in a language you’re proficient in could contain higher context that makes it difficult for you to read.

For instance, reading books on chemicals is more difficult than reading simple literature, even if they’re in the same language. The books on chemicals will contain more complex terms that’ll require you to look up on the internet. The literature, on the other hand, will contain more words that you are used to, which makes it faster for you to read.

The Time You Spend Reading a Book

No one expects you to sit all day doing nothing but reading. Even if you do, no one expects you to repeat the action continuously. However, the longer you spend reading a book, the more pages you cover.

If you read at a rate of 20 pages per hour but spend four hours reading every day, you can cover 80 pages in a day. If you read at the same rate but read for only two hours daily, you will cover only forty pages of the same book in a day.

Your Reading Habit

How do you read? Do you prefer to read in quiet places or do you prefer a more crowded space? Can you spend long hours reading or do you prefer taking a break every thirty minutes?

The manner you employ when reading determines how fast you will be when reading a text. You read more when you are in a comfortable situation than in an uncomfortable one.

How Many Books Can I Read in a Week?

The number of pages you can read in a week, a month, or a year depends on how many pages you can read in a day. It also depends on how consistent you are when reading.

If you consistently read 40 pages in a day, you can read 280 pages in a week, and over a thousand pages in a month. At this rate, you can cover over two books of 400 words each.

How Many Books Does a Bookworm Read?

A bookworm is a person who derives pleasure from reading. This doesn’t mean the individual has a quick or slow pace of reading. It only means that the person will spend more time reading than an average person would.

However, a bookworm will still encounter a roadblock if the book is unfamiliar or if it contains more complicated texts. So, bookworm or not, the number of pages you can read in a day depends on several factors.

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