How Many Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books Are There?

In 2007, Jeff Kinney introduced the middle school generation to the funny and relatable Greg Heffley, a new middle schooler just trying to survive. Since its introduction, the Wimpy Kid series has taken off into several main series books, supplemental stories, and even movies. If you’re looking into the series, you may be wondering how many books there actually are in this universe.  

There are currently 16 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books in the main series. Additionally, the Wimpy Kid series includes seven supplemental books, and two movie diaries, making the total book count 25. The next book in the series, book 17, is set to release in October 2022.

Read on to learn more about each of the Wimpy Kid books. By the end, you’ll be running to your nearest bookstore to pick up a box set!

The Wimpy Kid Series

The relatable humor and hilarious cartoons will hook your young reader from the beginning. If you’re looking to capture their attention for a while, the main 16-book series is an excellent place to start!

Here are the 16 books in the primary Diary of a Wimpy Kid series:

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid (2007): The first book in the series follows Greg Heffley, a new middle schooler, and his best friend Rowley, navigating the hazards of growing up.
  • Rodrick Rules (2008): Greg has a summer secret that he wants to keep hidden, but it’s hard to keep a secret when his diary and big brother Rodrick are involved.
  • The Last Straw (2009): Greg’s father is on a mission to toughen him up, and with the threat of a military academy, Greg has to shape up or get shipped out!
  • Dog Days (2009): Greg’s idea of a perfect indoor summer gets ruined by his mom’s plans for “family togetherness” full of outdoor activities.
  • The Ugly Truth (2010): Greg must deal with the changes that come with growing up, including boy-girl parties and extra responsibilities, all without his best friend by his side.
  • Cabin Fever (2011): Greg is the prime suspect in a crime at school, but just when the authorities are closing in, he gets trapped at home with his family thanks to a holiday blizzard.
  • The Third Wheel (2012): A Valentine’s Day dance means love is in the air, but though Greg finds a partner for the school dance, his best friend Rowley is the odd man out.
  • Hard Luck (2013): Greg struggles to find new friends and decides to leave his fate up to a roll of the dice.
  • The Long Haul (2014): Greg’s family goes on a one-of-a-kind family road trip that they will never forget.
  • Old School (2015): Greg’s town decides to go electronics-free, but Greg isn’t sure he is cut out for the “old school” way of life.
  • Double Down (2016): Greg’s family wants him to find a hobby that doesn’t include video games, so when Greg finds an old video camera, he is determined to find out if he will become rich and famous as a scary movie director.
  • The Getaway (2017): Greg’s family decides to escape the cold holiday season with a tropical vacation where paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • The Meltdown (2018): Greg and Rowley fight for survival on a wintry battlefield.
  • Wrecking Ball (2019): The Heffley family receives an unexpected inheritance and decides to remodel their home.
  • The Deep End (2020): Greg and his family take a cross-country camping trip that takes a few unexpected turns.
  • Big Shot (2021): Greg tries out for his school basketball team though he thought his athletic days were over.

The Wimpy Kid series isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Book 17 in the main series is set to release in October 2022. Though the title has not yet been revealed, the book is about Greg and Rodrick hitting the road as Rodrick’s band lives out their rock-and-roll dreams.

The Wimpy Kid Series Supplementary Books

If you’ve gotten through all of the main series books and still want to uncover more adventures in the Wimpy Kid universe, you can check out some of the supplemental books!

Rowley’s Awesome Friendly Series

Greg’s best friend Rowley has his own series. His Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid series is told from his perspective. Here are the books in the Awesome Friendly Kid series:

  • Rowley Jefferson’s Journal (2019): Rowley agrees to be Greg’s biographer, hilariously detailing his stories and experiences.
  • Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Adventure (2020): Rowley writes an epic adventure about Roland and Garg as they embark on a journey to save Roland’s mom.
  • Rowley Jefferson’s Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories (2021): Rowley tells some spooky tales that will leave you laughing out loud and sleeping with the lights on.

Wimpy Kid Activity Books

If Greg’s diary has encouraged you to get writing yourself, check out The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book (available on, which allows you to author, illustrate, and be the main character in your own book!

Or, ease into writing and have some fun with Diary of a Wimpy Kid Mad Libs (also available on Grab a friend and laugh together as you write in missing words to create your own funny versions of Greg’s misadventures. 

Diary of A Wimpy Kid Movies

The series is so popular that they even put it on the big screen! The first four books of the Wimpy Kid series have been adapted into movies. The adventure was such a big success that Jeff Kinney has even made two supplemental movie diaries detailing his experiences of turning the Wimpy Kid series into a box office hit.

The two movie diaries are:

  • The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: How Greg Heffley Went to Hollywood
  • The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary: The Next Chapter

Final Thoughts

The Wimpy Kid series has expanded from the original 16-book series to include seven supplementary books and four movies. The universe shows no sign of slowing down since book 17 is set to release in October 2022.

If you’re looking for a cute, hilarious, and relatable book series that will have your kids entertained for a long time, the Wimpy Kid series is a great choice!

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