What Order Should I Read the Warrior Cats?

The Warrior Cats series is one of the most popular series for children and young adults. With a fantasy world where you are taken on wild and vivid adventures with communities of feral cats, it’s sure to take you into another world.

The order you should read the Warrior Cats is from the first series to the last. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can read the books in any order you like, but the captivating stories are much better experienced in the order they were written. 

In the rest of this article, I will delve into the world of the Warrior Cats, what order the books come in, and a few interesting facts about the series. Whether you’re a cat lover or not, this is a must-read for your child.

How Many Warrior Cats Books Are There?

There are a considerable number of Warrior Cats books, and they’re still being produced to this day. Since 2003, there has been such a surge in popularity for this series that it was decided that new books would be released every year. 

There are over 60 Warrior Cats books, with 6 different series and 4 spin-off series. Each series has a separate story arc. These gems are still being produced in 2022, and they will likely continue for a while due to their continuing popularity.

Some of these books are over 500 pages long, and some are just novellas. There are even Warrior Cats comic books. If you’re a fan of these series, there are endless entertainment opportunities.

Do You Have To Read the Warrior Cats in Order?

Most people prefer to read books in the order they were written, primarily because they were written as a chronological series. However, you may have heard that one particular book of the series is excellent, so you want to start with that. This is understandable since there are over 60 books, and you may not have the time or the patience to get through them all.

You don’t have to read the Warrior Cats in order, but it is highly recommended. In reading some of the books in random order, you are depriving yourself of the exquisite details and plot twists that have made the books so popular in the first place. 

If you want the books to make sense to you, it is best to read them chronologically. Some readers say that many of the characters don’t make complete sense when you don’t read the books in order, which means that reading them in random order might get a little confusing. 

Some of the twists and turns that have made the books so famous will be lost on you if you read the books out of their intended order.

If you don’t mind spoilers, go ahead, but to get the full experience, I suggest you read them in order. If you don’t like spoilers but aren’t mentally prepared to read all the books (which is fair enough, considering how vast the series is), then you could always read one and skip one, and so on. 

However, even if you do this, you’ll probably be so enticed by the next chronological book that you won’t want to skip it. It’s up to you since your reading experience is personal to you at the end of the day. 

The Order of the Warrior Cats

The six series of the Warrior Cats are as follows:

  • Into the Wild
  • Fire and Ice
  • Forest of Secrets
  • Rising Storm
  • A Dangerous Path
  • The Darkest Hour

As I mentioned, each of these series has multiple books, so you’ll probably want to set aside a fair bit of time for reading. However, it’s worth it, and even The Guardian has defended the series. 

So, if your child is a cat lover, or animal lover in general, they will likely adore these books.

What Age Group Is the Warrior Cats Meant For?

The age group the Warrior Cats is meant for is children aged 8 to 12. However, if your child is over the age of 12, they may still enjoy the books. They are incredibly well-written and take you into another world entirely so don’t be surprised if your teenager loves the Warrior Cats.

However, these books can get fairly graphic at times, so it’s probably best not to give them to your child if they’re below the age of 8. Even if they’re mature for their age, there is at least one death in every book, so go easy.

What Genre Is the Warrior Cats?

The genre of Warrior Cats is fantasy. If your child loves getting lost in fantasy worlds where animals can speak, this series is for you. Additionally, since there are so many books, Christmas gifts will be easy if your child loves a good fantasy novel.

Is There a Warrior Cats Movie?

There isn’t a Warrior Cats movie yet, but reports have stated that they are working on it. The same team that produced the Harry Potter movies is working on it, so it will likely be incredible. 

The producer signed onto the film in 2016, so it has taken a while to get through processing, but we are hoping for it soon. 

Who Is Erin Hunter?

Erin Hunter is the collective pseudonym for the authors who wrote and are still working on the Warrior Cats. They all sign under the same name and work together to create the series.

There are many instances of authors using pseudonym names to present their work, even JK Rowling. 

Final Thoughts

The Warrior Cats books are best enjoyed in chronological order. 

The order in which they were written gives you the element of surprise, taking you through many plot twists that you wouldn’t be able to appreciate should you read them in random order.

If you’re looking for other children’s books for your child, you should check out these 10 things to watch out for when choosing a book for your child. If Warrior Cats isn’t your thing, this will certainly help you narrow down your search.

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