What’s the Appropriate Age To Read Star Wars?

Most parents want their kids to read the same books they grew up reading. The classic Star Wars is one of them, with its expansive universe that evokes a sense of nostalgia that you want to share with your young one. However, you may be wondering if it’s the right time to introduce a young reader to Star Wars.

The appropriate age to read Star Wars is at least four years old. The books are arranged by reading level and provide engaging stories for all age groups, from Little Golden Books for 4–6-year-olds, The Complete Saga for ages seven and older, Lost Stars for middle schoolers, and comics for young and old.

The rest of this article will explore this question in detail, including the age group that Star Wars is aimed toward and the pros and cons of younger readers being introduced to Star Wars. I’ll also explain the best way to introduce a young reader to the fiction. 

At What Age Group Is Star Wars Aimed?

Star Wars is aimed at a variety of age groups. It has been enjoyed by both the young and old for decades because the books are not equally age-appropriate. Each Star Wars book or comic has a different theme that is more suitable for some age groups than others. Star Wars is not solely for kids.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you know that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The confusion about whether Star Wars is only for kids stemmed from the creator George Lucas. According to Polygon, George Lucas stated that the series has always been for children.

However, while George may have initially intended for the series to target 12-year-olds, every age group enjoys it because of the older themes, complexity, and mature messages found in some books like The Thrawn Trilogy and The Empire Strikes Back, among others.

Furthermore, many of the older generations grew up reading the books, and they’ve carried their love for it throughout the years. Also, some of the Star Wars books are too complex for younger readers to understand or have violent themes that they should be protected from. 

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Why Younger Audiences Should Read Star Wars

It’s no secret that reading has numerous benefits. And these benefits go up a notch when younger audiences read Star Wars. Let’s explore these benefits in detail below.

It Encourages Them To Read More

Despite reading being a superior hobby to video games and watching movies, getting smaller kids to read can be challenging. Star Wars helps in this regard because it’s fun and exciting.

A young mind will be drawn to imaginative storytelling, and you might even struggle to get them to stop reading.

Star Wars Evokes Imagination

Though Star Wars was first imagined as movies before becoming books, the books are far better than the movies. This is because they’re detailed, they allow you to see a character’s thoughts, and your imagination is limitless. This helps kids exercise their brains, become more open-minded, and solve problems creatively as they become adults.

They’re Introduced to Older Themes

The Star Wars universe can slowly introduce a child to mature themes like war and politics. 

While you may want to shelter them from the world’s complications, you can’t always protect your kids from these concepts. Knowing what’s out there can help them learn more about human nature and prepare them for life.

Kids Can Form Bonds With Other Star Wars Fans

Becoming a Star Wars fan means entering a powerful fandom where people from all walks of life come together. 

Children can form relationships with other kids who also love the series. They’ll be able to relate more to people, feel part of a team, and develop stronger bonds.

It Will Increase Their Attention Spans

Reading books expands a child’s attention span. This is because when we read, we think linearly. We follow a story with a distinct beginning, middle, and end. Therefore, we can read in sequence rather than rushing through it and getting distracted.

It Can Teach Them Valuable Life Lessons

Star Wars can teach a young reader valuable life lessons. One example is the idea that good will always triumph over evil. Princess Leia showed kids that women can be powerful and that no matter how bad things get, we must have hope that they will turn out for the better. 

Arguments Against Younger Audiences Reading Star Wars

While there are significant benefits of reading Star Wars at a young age, the series may sometimes be inappropriate, especially for younger audiences. Let’s explore these potential disadvantages in detail:

Star Wars Has Its Fair Share of Violence

The primary genre of Star Wars is action-adventure. Therefore, there is a significant amount of warfare, violence, and death. However, not all the books and comics contain these, so ensure you check the age ratings of the books before your child reads them.

There Are Complex Moments That Kids May Not Understand

Star Wars is an entire universe with complex characters, storylines, and stories within stories. So, there may be times when younger readers will struggle to comprehend certain concepts. As a result, they may lose interest in the series. 

Introducing a Young Reader to the Star Wars Books

When your child has reached the appropriate age to read Star Wars, you should let them take their time and pick their own books. Try not to force them. When they’re comfortable reading the books, they will.  

Also, ensure that you check each Star Wars book’s age ratings or reading level before giving them to your child.

If you’re unsure where to start, Scholastic breaks down the best Star Wars books that your child should read based on their age.

Final Thoughts

The Star Wars books are not equally age-appropriate. What works for one age group won’t necessarily work for another. Therefore, it’s good to do your research before purchasing a book or introducing a child to one.

Star Wars will remain intensely popular among children and adults alike. As the new generation grows older, they’ll pass the torch to the next generation, and so on. It’s one series that will remain evergreen for years to come. 

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