8 Reasons Why the Grinch Became So Famous

The Grinch, a villainous green beast created by Dr. Seuss, is the protagonist of How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, a children’s book published in 1957. He’s still popular today. But why did the grinch become so famous?

The Grinch became famous because he’s a character in a story that delivers messages of kindness. Compared to other animated classics, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was the most popular because of its lessons about family, love, and hope. The Grinch’s story is also relatable to many people.

In this article, I’ll explore these and other reasons why the Grinch became so popular and is still a beloved character roughly 66 years after the book was published. Read on for more information on this legendary character.

1. The Grinch Is a Uniquely Mean Character

The Grinch is on a mission to destroy Christmas. He removes people’s decorations and steals presents. He’s not nice, which makes him appealing to read about. Compared to other villains in Christmas-themed stories, he stands out as one that’s truly despicable. For example, although Charles Dickens’ Scrooge wanted to be left alone during the festive season, the Grinch wanted to ruin Christmas for everyone!

2. The Grinch Has Starred in Movies

The Grinch book was an instant success after its publication. It went on to be adapted into a film in 1966. Both the book and movie are still popular! In 2000, famous actor Jim Carrey starred in the live-action remake of the movie.

Expanding on the story of the Grinch and showcasing it in new media has helped increase its audience and fans.

3. The Grinch’s Story Is Relatable

While you might not think you’re a Grinch yourself, chances are that you know someone who fits a similar description of the Dr. Seuss character. This is what makes the Grinch relatable to people of all ages.

The Grinch’s story contains a big life lesson. He realizes that the people of Whoville don’t care about the materialistic element of Christmas. Instead, they care about its special meaning and its emotions of love and joy.

The Grinch realizes that “Christmas doesn’t come from a store,” which is something that everyone should learn about the festive season’s real importance – and this is a timeless lesson for everyone.

Having a teachable lesson is one of the most important characteristics of a good children’s book. To find out about some others, read our guide, “10 Characteristics of a Good Children’s Book.

4. There’s More to the Grinch Than Meets the Eye

At first glance, you can tell that the Grinch is a grumpy person who lives on top of a mountain and looks down on people. He doesn’t like people who are friendly or warm. And yet, underneath this behavior, he’s really someone who experiences a lonely life. For example, his only friend is his dog, Max.

Giving the Grinch a human quality like loneliness helps us see that there’s a reason for his grouchy behavior, making him more interesting and somewhat relatable.

5. The Grinch’s Author Was Popular

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was published in 1957 and flew off the shelves. What contributed to this was that Dr. Seuss’s previous book, The Cat In The Hat, had been an enormous success thanks to its beautiful drawings and the mischief written into the story.

So, when How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was published, it was also an immediate success. To date, the book has sold 7.5 million copies. It contained pen and ink illustrations that were trendy at the time and displayed a certain charm that made the book a classic novel.

6. The Grinch Is a Refreshing Character

Christmas is a time of year when people are focused on their loved ones and spreading good cheer, so when a character like the mean-spirited Grinch comes along, it’s refreshing and exciting.

There’s no doubt that villains are appealing. Research has found that fictional villains are likable when they share some similarities with the reader. We’re attracted to darker versions of ourselves that we see in the stories we read, even though we might not feel the same in real life when encountering immoral people.

However, what’s extra special about the Grinch is that he learns from his mistakes, which makes him even more likable, a fact that is confirmed by how he’s never too sappy or too mean, so he strikes a good balance.

7. The Grinch Arrived at a Watershed TV Moment

If you know the Grinch, you’ll know he’s bright green in color. But he didn’t always look this way. In the book’s illustrations, the Grinch is black and white. It was only when How the Grinch Stole Christmas! was adapted for TV in 1966 that the Grinch became green.

This certainly served to make the character more memorable, as this occurred when television started using color. This made the Grinch become more vibrant, with its green color and visually, to make his story more memorable.

8. The Grinch Has Been a TikTok Trend

So, what has made the Grinch popular today, even 66 years after the book was released?

Movies have certainly helped the story appeal to a younger audience. However, the Grinch is also appealing to a younger generation because of its presence on social media sites such as TikTok.

The 2022 Grinch trend is an example of how the Grinch has appeared on social media. It occurred before the Christmas holidays and involved parents getting someone dressed as the Grinch to steal their kids’ presents and give them a fright.

Final Thoughts

If you loved the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, you might have wondered why the Grinch is such a popular character. There are good reasons for this, such as:

  • He isn’t afraid to step out of the crowd and go against the trend of Christmas.
  • He has a soft, caring side underneath his mean behavior.
  • He tells a story that everyone can relate to, such as when it comes to feeling lonely during the festive season.


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